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Public Relationships Index

Argyle’s client work starts with the principle – validated by research – that in an age of intangible assets, relationship capital drives reputation, brand and business value. While public relations is a business process, public relationships are a business outcome. Trust Satisfaction Commitment to meet expectations Caring for customers Concern for people Influence of the public Since 2016, we have been using the Argyle Public Relationship IndexTM to study the health of relationships between organizations and their publics, featuring six key metrics strongly rooted in academic [...]

June 9th, 2022|

Canadians’ personal relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic

PUBLIC RELATIONSHIPS INDEX STUDY 2020 The Argyle Public Relationships Index™, conducted in partnership with Leger Research Intelligence, measures the quality of relationships between organizations and their publics. Our spring 2020 study, conducted as Canadians were isolated and ‘social distanced’ from one another during the COVID-19 pandemic, found that this shared experience has strengthened our relationships with all the key people in our daily lives: our families, co-workers, employers, health care providers, local businesses, and even our governments. Even as we live in close quarters for extended periods of time, the crisis has had the most beneficial effect on relationships [...]

June 10th, 2022|
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