At Argyle, we believe engaging communities in the decisions that affect them, facilitating frank discussions and allowing multiple perspectives to be heard leads to better results and more sustainable decisions for our clients and their publics. And we know providing people with information, a credible process and transparency leads to participation, engagement, and greater public trust.


Public Engagement:

Designing and executing multi-faceted public engagement programs that unpack both challenges and opportunities in engaging people from many walks of life.

Engagement Communications:

Building on traditional communication methods to reach, inform and converse with individuals

Indigenous Engagement:

Planning and supporting dialogue with Indigenous communities and leadership to co-create processes and plans built on respect.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Creating and executing targeted stakeholder communication and engagement programs that reflect the needs of leaders across the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Digital Engagement:

Building sophisticated, data-driven programs through a range of online platforms.

Underrepresented Community Engagement:

Designing and implementing strategies to work with people from underrepresented or marginalized communities in ways that enable and empower their participation.

Engagement Audit Services:

Providing evaluation and analysis of existing practices and plans measured against best practices and organizational needs to tailor client-specific strategies.

Strategic Planning:

Developing strategies aligned with our clients’ policies, revising our approach as needed as the project unfolds.


Facilitating small to large scale discussions, workshops and public events designed to engage audiences meaningfully.

Engagement Communications:

Taking complex, technical information and making it accessible to the public to inform meaningful dialogue about the big issues of our time.

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